Our Testimonials

Got my lumineers placed and they look amazing.
All in a span of one week because I was on a tight schedule. The manager over here responded promptly to email when I enquired about the entire procedure and everything went so smoothly.
Syed Naveed - Google
Had such a wonderful dental implant procedure with dr.adnan and dr. Ameer. It took some time but the results were amazing Alhamdulillah

God bless them both.
Khalida Arif  - Google
Just had a consultation with Dr. Ameer, what an amazing dentist. Came here all the way from pindi because of a recommendation and the doc exceeded my expectations. He saved me from a wisdom tooth surgery.
Wasib Ahmed - Google
Thank you for a great service Dr Ameer saab!
A total recommend for all your dental needs,
better than the dentists I've visted here in the UK.
Will be sure to visit you again on my next trip to PK InshaAllah
JazakAllah again!
Mohammed Uzair - Google
Done scaling and polishing by Z dental studio. One of the best place for dental care. Best thing is they do all the process very gently.
Ammar Hassan - Google
Got my teeth cleaned today, I don't remember the name of the dentist who did the procedure but he had a pretty soft hand and was constantly checking if I was doing okay.
The recommendation for me is to get cleaning done atleast once every 6 months but nope, not doing that lol.

Considering I got my cleaning done after 2 years and I just felt a little bit of comfort is all I can wish for
Amir Abbasi - Google

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