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Tooth Extraction Islamabad

For many patients, the thought of having a tooth extraction can be intimidating. That's why at Z Dental Studio, we provide you with a dental surgeon who knows his way around the removal of teeth and does so in a pain-free manner. 

If you have a tooth that needs an extraction and are scared, we've got you covered. Book an appointment today and we promise you to provide a pain-free experience. 

Why do teeth need to be extracted? 

A tooth extraction is required for many reasons, some of which may include, extensive decay and a tooth can't be saved through a root canal, if you're getting your braces treatment, a failed root canal treatment, and if you have an implant procedure planned. 

At Z Dental Studio, we make sure that we try to preserve your tooth however there are some instances in which preserving your tooth might lead to damage to the surrounding teeth/tissue. 

Do wisdom teeth need to be extracted? 

Generally, the best route is to get them extracted. Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt in the jaw, at that time your mouth is already full of teeth, and accomodating a set of one to four teeth becomes very difficult. This is the reason why wisdom teeth tend to push other teeth and can cause crowding. Furthermore, if there's not enough room in your jaw, they can get impacted and stuck which can cause pain, infection, and damage to your molars. 

Since wisdom teeth are located at the end of your jaw, maintaining good hygiene becomes very difficult and can lead to dental decay. 

Tooth Extraction Islamabad

What happens during a tooth extraction? 

We classify extractions into two broad categories, surgical extraction, and non-surgical extraction. 

In many instances, if your tooth is easily accessible, your gum will be anesthetized and special devices will be used to grip the tooth and pull it out. 

On the other hand, if you have a tooth that is impacted, the gum is covering it we classify it as a surgical extraction. The procedure will start by anesthetizing the gum, the tooth, and a small incision will be given to expose the tooth. After that, instruments will be used to move the tooth and finally gripping forceps will be used to pull the tooth out. 

Do you need a bone graft after a tooth extraction? 

That depends, if you're getting your wisdom teeth removed it's highly unlikely that you will require a bone graft. However, if you have an infection, that's when you will require a bone graft in your empty socket to restore bone. 

In contrast, if you have an implant planned after a tooth extraction, adding bone to the empty socket will improve healing and in the future, increase the success rate of your implant. 

Do you need a dental implant replacement if a tooth is extracted? 

At our dental practice, we always recommend getting a dental implant. But, not all teeth have to be replaced. For instance, if your wisdom tooth was extracted, there is no need for a dental implant. 

However, if you have a molar missing, we highly recommend getting a dental implant or a dental bridge. In case, you have several teeth missing, getting dental implants can help both improve functionality and improve aesthetics. 

What are sinus lifts? 

As the name suggests, a sinus lift is a procedure in which we lift your sinus. 

This procedure is done in order to pack in bone for extra support if you plan to get a dental implant.

Will you experience pain while getting your tooth extracted? 

The short answer to that is No. At Z Dental Studio we make sure that you have a pain-free experience while doing any procedure. 

We also have an anesthesia protocol to make sure that you have a pleasant experience with us. 

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