Dental Cleaning In Islamabad

Teeth Cleaning In Islamabad

Dental cleaning involves removing plaque (soft, sticky, bacteria infested film) and tartar (calculus) deposits that have built up on the teeth over time.

When we’re talking about teeth cleaning in Islamabad, we’re referring to the procedure of Scaling and Polishing. There are many instruments that can be used however, we always prefer ultrasonic scaling as compared to its counter. Without scaling and polishing, your oral health can end up in a cascade of events, to point some, tartar and plaque build-up, gingivitis, periodontitis, discoloration of your teeth and eventually tooth loss.

We recommend visiting a dentist near you or us at least twice a year for your regular dental check-up.

With that being said, let’s dive down to the procedure.

Teeth Cleaning Procedure Time

The time required for your dental cleaning always varies from patient to patient. However, to give you a brief idea, our dentists require 30 minutes to 1 hour. Again, that is totally dependant on the condition of your teeth.

Examination and Diagnosis

We have a saying at our clinic “A bad diagnosis has the worst prognosis”. That’s what differentiates our practice and our dentists from the rest of the clinics out there. The dentists working at Z Dental Studio believe in a good diagnosis. Therefore, even if you visit us for treatment as simple as Scaling & Polishing, examination and diagnosis is the first and most important step.

During your check-up, our dentists will take a small mirror and examine your teeth and gums. Occasionally we’ll also use a periodontal probe to check for signs of inflammation, plaque level and we’ll visually inspect if you have tartar and calculus build-up.

In some cases, we might also require a couple of dental X-rays to check the condition of your teeth and bones.

Cost Of Dental cleaning in islamabad

Removal of Plaque, Tartar, and Calculus

The second step of getting teeth cleaning in Islamabad at our clinic is the removal of plaque, tartar, and calculus. We remove all of this with a tool called scaler.

Plaque, calculus, and tartar can be found between the junction of your teeth and gums. When we’re using a scaler you might get a feeling that we’re scraping your teeth but as a matter of fact, we’ll be removing the buildup.

As dreadful as that may sound, we make this procedure completely pain-free for our patients. Furthermore, dental cleaning in Islamabad can be avoided if you floss and brush your teeth properly.

Treatments where we recommend Scaling & polishing prior to the procedure

We highly recommend getting a Scaling and Polishing prior to the following procedures

Polishing Of Your Teeth After Scaling

Dental Cleaning In Islamabad

After our dentists have removed plaque, tartar, and calculus from your teeth, our dentists will move on to the polishing procedure. In simple words, our dentist will use a high-speed toothbrush and a toothpaste-like substance that’s going to polish your teeth. This procedure will leave your teeth bright and shiny.

It’s worthy to note that our dentists emphasize more on polishing as compared to scaling simply to avoid unnecessary damage to your teeth.

After the polishing step, your teeth may get a gritty feeling because of the polishing paste but that’s completely normal. A thorough rinse and that should go away.

Flossing After Dental Cleaning

While we always recommend flossing at home, but our dentists think it’s best to floss after the scaling and polishing procedure. There are actually 2 benefits to this:

  1. We will get rid of any residue or plaque left behind or in between your teeth. Although we use custom scalar tips for each patient however, patients that have a tight interdental gap might need extra care and that’s when we floss.
  2. Secondly, we will explain the entire flossing procedure to you so that you can take care of your teeth better.

Thorough Rinsing

After we’ve removed all of the residues, you will have to thoroughly rinse your mouth at least 5-6 times. We might add a few drops of antibacterial mouthwash to promote gum healing.

Fluoride Treatment

We recommend fluoride treatment for all of our patients simply to avoid any hot/cold sensitivity. Our patients usually opt out of this treatment because they feel absolutely no pain after their dental cleaning. Being said that, we highly recommend it for patients who have large calculus and plaque deposits. Removing large amounts of plaque and calculus deposits exposes the tooth structure which causes sensitivity.

Fluoride treatment is pretty plain and simple. We apply fluoride directly to your teeth for a minute and we leave it there, after that, we’ll ask you to spit out all the excess.

It is important to note that we recommend a fluoride treatment after our dental whitening sessions in Islamabad.

Deep Teeth Cleaning In Islamabad

Deep teeth cleaning is a bit different from normal dental cleaning sessions, however, it’s based on the same principles. You should keep in mind that this procedure might require multiple visits.

Deep Cleaning Vs Scaling And Polishing

In addition to scaling and polishing, our dentists will have to do root planning as well. Root planing mainly involves the cleaning of roots in patients that have periodontitis, a disease that causes bone loss, gum loss and eventually the teeth start moving. This may require you to visit us at least 2-4 times.

What is the cost of dental cleaning/ teeth scaling in Islamabad?

For basic dental cleaning, we charge PKR 6,000. Deep dental cleaning charges are a bit higher as compared to basic cleaning and those start from PKR 5,000 per quadrant and furthermore a topical and local anesthesia are applied for our dentists to perform the procedure.

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