Dental fillings in islamabad

Dental Fillings In Islamabad

A dental restoration or dental filling is a dental restorative material used artificially to restore the function, integrity, and morphology of missing tooth structure. At our studio we never use AMALGAM due to its toxic effects, however, we provide you with tooth-colored restorative materials called “Resin-Based Composite”. Due to this material we use a minimalistic invasive procedure. Our dentists tend to match the exact color of the filling material with the tooth so no one can whether you’ve had a filling done or not.

From what we’ve heard, most patients dread the feeling of getting a dental filling. With that being said, we’re here to assure you that our dental fillings in Islamabad are one of the very best, the entire procedure is painless and we use top-notch materials and instruments.


For every filling, big or small, our dentist removes the decayed part of the tooth. When the decayed part is removed, we replace it with a filling material. To be on the safe side, we recommend getting teeth cleaning treatment in Islamabad before any procedure.

Since we like for you to have a painless experience with us, our dentist might inject local anesthesia around the affected tooth. This may or may not be necessary depending on the condition of the decayed tooth. Next, our dentist will remove the decayed/affected part of the tooth a high-speed handpiece. We would also like to point out that if you decide to avoid a local anesthesia shot, our dentist might use a slow-speed handpiece for you to have a painless appointment.

Our dentist will then check if he/she has completely removed the decayed part or not. This is done by probing the entire cavity and the process is called excavation of the cavity. Once our dentist confirms that they’ve removed the entire bacterial cavity, they will prepare the tooth for the filling material. It is worth mentioning that if our dentists find that the cavity is close to the pulp chamber, they might give you a lining. The lining can be of any kind, to name some GIC, Calcium hydroxide and many more, we prefer a Calcium Hydroxide lining over any other.

Type Of Filling Material Available At Z Dental Studio

We’ve got an array of types of dental fillings. To include some in this post, we offer gold fillings, dental amalgam, and resin-based composite. Furthermore, we also use a material that has glass in it, we refer it to as glass ionomer cement. Apart from Gold and Amalgam, both GIC and Resin-based composite are tooth colored.

The indications for each filling are different for patients. After a proper diagnosis, our dentist will be better at judging what type of filling material would suit your oral cavity.

With that being said, we’ll outline some advantages and disadvantages of each filling material.

Cast Gold Fillings


  • Our Gold Fillings are very durable, they can last anywhere from 10-15 years if taken care of.
  • We recommend gold fillings for patients who find them aesthetically more pleasing than their counterparts
  • Because of the immaculate strength of Gold Fillings, our dentists might recommend it for your posterior teeth.


  • Gold Fillings are expensive. Depending on the sie of the filling, they may cost you 5-8 times more than other filling materials.
  • Gold Fillings occasionally require 2-3 visits at our clinic.
  • While Gold Fillings may look aesthetically pleasing to some patients they can actually contribute to a galvanic shock or in other words a sharp pain. This happens when you have a silver filling placed next to a gold filling.
Dental Fillings in islamabad

Amalgam Fillings


  • Amalgam fillings are extremely durable as well, we tell our patients that they may last you from 10-15 years
  • They can withstand masticatory forces due to their strength
  • They are more or less cheaper than composite fillings


  • Since Amalgams are silver colored, most people might not find it aesthetically appealing.
  • Amalgam fillings require excess preparation of the tooth structure which basically means that our dentist will have to prep the tooth a bit more.
  • With time, Amalgam tends to discolor the tooth structure.
  • Amalgam fillings tend to expand and contract more than their counterparts. This may lead to fracture or cracks of your tooth.
  • Such types of fillings might trigger allergic reactions.
  • Furthermore, the biggest disadvantage that we know of Amalgam is that it releases mercury. In large amounts, this may cause hazardous effects to lungs, eyes and most importantly, the oral cavity.
  • Due to Amalgam filling’s silver appearance, patients do often ask us to cover it up with our dental crowning in Islamabad procedure.

Resin Based Composite

Dental Fillings In Islamabad


  • Since resin-based composites are tooth-colored, we can match the shade of your teeth with the filling material. It’s also noteworthy that they come in different shades which is why it’s our filling of choice in anterior teeth. However,  we do recommend dental veneers in Pakistan if your front tooth/teeth are broken or chipped.
  • Resin-based composites bond to tooth structure which means that they don’t require extra preparation of the tooth structure.
  • These fillings are popular for repairing broken/chipped teeth.
  • Occasionally, we do use composite fillings to straighten teeth but we always prefer visiting our orthodontist in Pakistan for straight perfect teeth.


  • Durability. Resin-based composites may not last that long as compared to silver and gold but we do tell our patients that they last from somewhere between 1-5 years.
  • Because different steps are required to do a composite filling, our dentist might require a bit more time as compared to the rest of the filling materials out there.
  • Another disadvantage that we’ve seen is that resin-based composites chip off very easily.
  • If you’re getting a laser or non-laser teeth whitening in Islamabad Pakistan, it’s important to note that we or your dentist cannot change the shade of Resin-based Composite fillings.

We usually recommend this filling following our painless root canal treatment in Islamabad

Other Dental Fillings Materials In Islamabad


Ceramic filling materials are made from porcelain. They may last longer but they’re very abrasive and costs as much as gold fillings. In addition to the cost, they require more visits.

Glass Ionomer

This material is made of acrylic and a specific type of glass. We recommend this filling for children and for adults that have cavities below the gum line. Furthermore, we believe that the biggest advantage of GIC is that it releases fluoride. We don’t recommend GIC in teeth which are subjected to more masticatory forces because GIC is relatively weaker than composite, gold, and amalgam.

Do you cover dental insurance?

Unfortunately, we don’t cover dental insurance for any of our procedures. However, if you work for or with a company that covers your dental insurance plan, dental fillings in Islamabad shouldn’t be a problem for you.

What Are Indirect Fillings In Islamabad?

Indirect fillings are similar to composite fillings. However, for you to get an indirect filling you will have to visit us at least twice because they are made in our dental laboratory. We recommend indirect fillings for teeth that have undergone severe decay, damage and for patients who would prefer to not get a dental crown.

The process is pretty simple and painless. On your first visit with us, our dentists will remove all the decayed portion of your tooth. The cavity is designed upon which our assistant will record an impression of your oral cavity. This impression is then sent to our laboratory for the indirect filling to be made. We do give a temporary restoration during the waiting period.

During the second visit, we will remove the temporary filling material and we’ll place your indirect filling material with the help of a luting agent.

Types of Indirect Filling Materials

There are basically two types of indirect filling material available

  • InlaysWe use inlays when we have to treat a cavity that’s in between your cusp/ridges.
  • OnlaysWe use onlays when the damage is more extensive to your tooth/when the cavity involves the cuspal region.

Inlays and Onlays are much more durable than other fillings because of their immaculate strength.

Dental Fillings In Islamabad

Temporary Fillings

We provide temporary fillings for a number of reasons, here are some:

  1. Temporary fillings are placed when we require you to visit us more than once.
  2. We also place temporary fillings following a root canal treatment.
  3. If you have pulpal pain.
  4. Temporary fillings are also recommended if you have severe pain.

We use temporary filling materials that don’t tend to last longer for the simple reason that it might give you an infection.

Taking care of Dental Fillings

By simple tasks such as brushing properly, visiting us after every 6 months, using an antibacterial mouthwash, flossing and using a fluoride toothpaste can make your filling last a bit longer. We should also let you know that if you feel a sharp pain or sensitivity after a filling, that might be because of leakage within the filling material. In such a case, we would require you to visit us as soon as possible or any dentist near you.

Problems With Dental Fillings In Islamabad

Tooth pain and hot/cold sensitivity

It’s very common for patients to have discomfort and sensitivity following the placement of a filling. Your tooth may become tender to biting, air, pressure, hot/cold drinks, and foods and sweet food. Usually such type of pain should go away in a few days or in a matter of weeks, however, during this period it’s always best to avoid food that might cause such issues.

If your pain doesn’t subside it’s best to pay us a visit. Our dentist might apply a desensitizing agent accompanied by a desensitizing toothpaste. Such types of issues are faced by our patients when we place a “deep filling”. In case of a deep filling our dentist will brief you on the situation and will let you know what are the chances of saving a tooth with a filling, if your pain doesn’t subside following a filling, we might recommend a root canal treatment.

Another problem that you may counter with dental fillings is a slight pain on biting. This is very common and is a pretty easy and quick job. All you have to do is come back for a follow up to reduce the filling to a certain degree so that it doesn’t interfere with your biting.

Dental Filling Allergies

The most common Allergies that people have is with Amalgam. Such allergies include a skin rash and constant itching. Most commonly this happens when you have a history of allergies to different types of metals. Furthermore, such allergies can be avoided with a detailed history and avoiding the filling that may cause you a problem.

Being said that, FDA has reported less than 100 cases of Amalgam allergies across the world. That number is significantly less so we can pretty much say that Amalgam is safe.

Fillings Deteriorate With Time

There are many reasons as to why fillings deteriorate, to point some out constant chewing pressure, bruxism and night grinding are the most common factors. If you have such conditions, your dental filling may deteriorate sooner than later. Above all, you might not even notice that your filling is degenerating with time, however, our dentists will identify such issues and make adjustments accordingly.

Cost Of Dental Fillings In Islamabad

We charge from anywhere between PKR 6000 - 8000 for Dental Composite and Dental Amalgam. It is important to tell you that some fillings may require extensive work which may increase the price tag of your dental filling procedure.

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