Mouth/Night Guard In Islamabad

Night Guards and Sports Guard

Protecting your teeth and jaws from wear and tear because of grinding or if you play sports is crucial for your oral health. At Z Dental Studio we help you to prevent any traumatic injury to your teeth or your jaws by providing you with a custom nightguard or sports guard. This can drastically reduce your nighttime grinding and avoid any injuries to your oral cavity while playing sports.

Why are night guards worn?

Our dentists advise night guards to patients who tend to grind their teeth at night during their sleep or if they have a habit of grinding their teeth during the day. Grinding your teeth excessively can lead to an increased risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and to a later stage may also result in tooth loss.

Additionally, bruxism or clenching can also lead to TMPDS (Temporo mandibular pain dysfunction syndrome),  a condition in which you can have chronic pain around the ear as well as you hear a "clicking" noise when you yawn or chew.

Mouth guard in islamabad

What Causes Teeth Grinding?

Teeth grinding can occur due to many reasons, chronic stress is one of the leading causes of teeth grinding. Other reasons include an improper bite or missing teeth which can further exacerbate teeth grinding.

In some cases, repairing decayed and replacing missing teeth (by dental implants/ dental bridges) have proven to fix teeth grinding. Most patients also require orthodontic treatment to resolve their bite while in other cases, managing chronic stress has also proven to be effective against teeth grinding.

However, we must also let you know that if teeth grinding has become a habit, it's difficult to control or stop. Therefore, having a night guard in place to prevent the damage caused by grinding and clenching during the night or day might be crucial for you.

What’s the procedure of getting a night or sports guard?

At Z Dental Studio, we provide our patients with custom sports and night guards, which means that the guard that you will get is made for you and you only. Transitioning to a night guard might be difficult for some patients which is why we make sure that the guards that we provide fit your mouth comfortably and securely.

The process of it is quite simple, upon your first visit, our dentist will record impressions of your upper and lower jaw. These impressions are then sent to our state-of-the-art dental lab where they're fabricated. The turnaround time for night guards is anywhere between 3-7 days depending upon which one you go for.

Do you provide the same night guards as drug stores do?

Absolutely not, the night/sports guard that you get from a drug/convenience store is one-size-fits-all, or in other words, they're not custom-made to fit your mouth which is why they're less effective and not comfortable.

Granted there are certain products at stores that mold according to your teeth but the mold is highly inaccurate and with time night guards that are fabricated through this procedure loose their shape.

What is the cost of getting a mouth guard in Islamabad?

Depending on the condition of your mouth and your requirements, our starting price for mouth guards are PKR 6,000 per jaw.