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After all wouldn’t it be great if you had the oppurtunity to visit one of the best dentists in Islamabad? At Z Dental Studio our main priority is to provide you the best dental care in the entire country. Ranging from surgeons to orthodontists, we tend to provide our valuable patients dentists from each and every faculty from the field of dentistry.

Z Dental Studio is a dental office located in the heart of Islamabad. Furthermore, Z Dental Studio offers a variety of services including cosmetic, family and emergency dental services.

So what makes us, US?

Z Dental Studio’s oral surgeon are specialists in the field of dentistry, prevention, and treatment of diseases in the oral cavity. Moreover, the supporting team of Z Dental Studio include a dental technician, a dental assistant and a dental hygeinist.

The team of Dentists In Islamabad at Z Dental Studio
  • General Dentist
  • Paedodontist
  • Prosthodontis
  • Oral and MaxilloFacial Surgeon
  • Prosthodontist
  • Endodontist
  • Periodontist
General Dentist – Dentists In Islamabad at Z Dental Studio

General dentists are your primary healthcare provider. The general dentists working at this firm take it upon themselves to treat and manage your oralcare problems. Gum Care, Root Canal Treatments, Fillings, Crowns and Veneers are some of the jobs that are handed over to General Dentists. In some instances, the manager and CEO of Z Dental Studio do call in specialists if a complex case is to be done. Furthermore, the main priority of the firm is to provide quality dental care to each and every patient.

To top all that, we follow a strict recruitment protocol so that you may get the teatment you deserve.

Z Dental Studio As A Public Health Provider

The priority of any dentists working at Z Dental Studio is to preserve the natural dentition and how do we accomplish that?
Simple, we educate our patients. Moreover, nothing is of more importance to us than your natural dentition. From flyers to public health programs we do our very best to keep our patients and most importantly the general public aware of diseases that may cause harm to the oral cavity.

Endodontist – Root Canal Specialist – Dentists In Islamabad – Z Dental Studio

The most dreadful experience for any patient has always been a Root Canal Treatment. What if we told you that our Root Canal Procedures are completely painless? It’s the truth, our patients never feel a thing during a root canal procedure or even after that. The reason behind this is because we use materials that provide us and our patients the best results resulting in little or no pain at all.

Furthermore, we practice modern day dentistry which makes it easier on us as well as on the patient.

The endodontist working at Z Dental Studio job is to prevent any dental decay, diagnose, prevent and treat diseases that may cause harm to the nerve inside the tooth.

Oral And Maxillo-Facial Radiologist

A radilogist is basically a health care provider who specializes in taking X-Rays. Ineterpretation and diagnosis of complex cases such as Oral Cancers, Bone Deformities are done by the specialists. Furthermore,  Z Dental Studio uses digital radiography to give our dentists crisp picture of the any X-Ray taken. However, we only have the facility of Periapica X-Rays, complex radiographs are taken from Labs.

We are in constant communication with these health care providers.

Oral Medicine Specialist

Thanks to modern day dentistry and medicine, we’re able to diganose diseases and oral manifestation before time. That’s where the Oral Medicine Specialist comes in, our Oral Medicne specialist primary job is to treat and diagnose oral diseases such as cancer, lichen planus and candidiasis.

With extensive knowledge, the denitsts in islamabad at Z Dental Studio prescribe medicines that are trialed and tested to provide a good result.

Oral Pathologist – Z Dental Studio

The oral pathologist job at Z Dental Studio is to find out the cause of any disease that may alter the oral cavity, structure of teeth, lips, jaws so on and so forth. Diseased tissues are exmained both radiologically and clinically to diagnose any disease.


Oral and MaxilloFacial Surgeon

All dentists are considered as Dental Surgeons but a MaxilloFacial Surgeon is healthcare provider that has done masters degree in the field of dental surgery. Following the strict recruitment protocol, the MaxilloFacial surgeon chosen at Z Dental Studio must have a masters degree from abroad so that he/she may handle complex/difficult cases.

Z Dental Studio’s surgeons have treated victims of accidents, burns and other misfortunate events and we’ve been able to reconstruct their entire face.

Moreover, we always place dental implants by a surgeon rather than a General Dentist which saves us alot of time and the patient has a pain-free experience. Not only that, but our surgeons know their way around the bone, finding a suitable platform for an implant is of utmost importance to preserve the longetivity of dental implants.

The following cases are referred to the Oral-MaxilloFacial Surgeon

  • Surgical Tooth Extractions
  • Simple Tooth Extactions
  • Dental Implants
  • Jaw Alignment
  • Soft Tissue management
  • Jaw Fracture
  • Bone Repair


Orthodontist – Z Dental Studio

Orthodontists are health care provider who deal with diagnosis, treatment, prevention and intervention of maaligned teeth. In other words, dentists who specialize in the field of dental braces. There are currently 53 orthodontists in Pakistan and our studio has the best one to offer.

Most importantly, there are several reasons for malalignment of teeth which include, crowding, missing, decayed, crooken teeth and retained milk teeth. Z Dental Studio’s orthodontist is responsible for straightening the teeth with the help of wires and removable appliances.

For more information regarding dental braces click here

Pediatric Dentist – Dentists in Islamabad at Z Dental Studio

Z Dental Studio’s Paedodontist role it to treat children from the age of one and two to early adulthood. Prevention and intervention is our motto regarding pediatric dentistry.

Management of a young patient can be a very tough job and stressfull for the parents. Therefore, Z Dental Studio provides a serene enviroment for the children and the parents.


Periodontist – Z Dental Studio

Gum disease can be a very stressfull condition for a patient. Nonetheless, Z Dental Studio’s periodontist is the right dentist for you. The studios periodontist deals with treatment and management of soft tissue and gum diseases.

Z Dental Studio’s periodontist can do the following procedures

  • Simple and deep pocket cleaning
  • Root planning
  • Crown Lengthening
  • Soft tissue adjustment
  • Bone augmentation
  • Mucosa procedures
  • Soft rissue removal



Prosthodontist – Dentists In Islamabad by Z Dental Studio

Nevertheless, prosthodontist is the backbone of almost any dental treatment. Therefore, Z Dental Studio’s prosthodontist specializes in the repair of natural teeth and replacement of missing teeth. There are several options for replacement of missing teeth, to point some, Dental Implants and Dental crowns.


A little something about Z Dental Studio

Z Dental Studio thrives to give the people of Islamabad the best treatment around the globe. Transparency and honesty are the qualities which makes this clinic the best one in town. Furthermore, each and every dentist working at the studio is a good standing member of the society and in the field of dentistry.


Name: Z Dental Studio
Address: First Floor, Mount View Plaza, School Road, Super Market, F-6 Markaz Islamabad, 44000
Contact Number: 0345 5336999
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