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Dental Crowns In Islamabad Pakistan By Z Dental Studio

Dental Crowns in Islamabad Pakistan is basically a cap that is placed on the tooth to cover it. We tend to replace/change the shape and shade of the tooth or multiple teeth to improve the appearance of the tooth. Crowns when cemented by us, fully cover the entire visible portion of the tooth/teeth above the gum line.

Why do you need a dental crown?

A dental crown may be required in the following situations:

  • To protect a weak tooth. Decayed teeth can easily break if not taken care of and then the only remaining procedure of fractured teeth is extraction.
  • To restore a severly broken down tooth. At our clinic we believe in strengthening your natural teeth and sometimes inorder to do that, we have to put a crown on top.
  • The patients that come us usually have large bulky fillings, in order to secure those fillings we have to put a crown on top.
  • To hold a dental bridge.
  • To cover discolored/misshaped teeth.
  • Prosthesis for a dental implant.
  • And most importantly for cosmetic reasons.
  • To protect the teeth of children that have been heavily decayed. It is important to do this because heavily decayed primary teeth may cause harm to the permanent teeth.
Metal Crowns

Stainless Steel. At our clinic, we use stainless steel crowns as a temporary restoration. Furthermore, the crowns placed by us protects the tooth until the permanent crown is made. Our clinic uses stainless steel crowns for children mostly, this crown protects the tooth of the child. When the permanent tooth is about to erupt, this primary tooth and the crown both fall off. Generally, stainless steel crowns are more effective for children because they don’t require multiple visits and are very cost affective than crowns made via a dental lab.

Metals. Our clinic uses gold alloys and  base metal alloys to build the perfect dental crown for you. Metal crowns made by us tend resist the toughest of chewing habits and they are very durable. Furthermore, metal crowns made by Z Dental Studio rarely chip or break. The main disadvantage is that metal crowns have a metallic color.

Porcelain-fused-Metal. We use these types of dental crowns when we want to exactly match the shade of the crown with your teeh.  However, wearing of the opposing teeth may occure more with these materials as compared to the metal crown. Compared to all ceramic crowns, they do tend to look like natural teeth. However, sometimes procelain fused to metal crowns are required for strength if long span bridges are to be placed by us. Hence they are good for posterior restorations.


All Ceramic/ Resin Crowns.

All Resin. We usually do not tend to place these crowns as they can facture very quickly. Although they are cheap but not that durable. We usually use all resin crowns for temporary restorations.

All Ceramic or Porcelain Crowns. The material used in these crowns are the same as used in dental veneers. We usually recommend these crowns when you have high esthetic needs. We recommend all ceramic crowns for anterior teeth as they have perfect surface properties.

Temporary Crowns Vs Permanent Crowns. We make temporary crowns at our office so that they may serve you till the permanent crowns are made. Where as permanent crowns are made in the dental lab. We usually make temporary crowns by acrylic/resin.

Zirconia Crowns. Owing it to Zirconia’s perfect physical properties, these crowns have the best durability and esthetic properties. Zirconia crowns are made digitally in a dental lab.

Dental Crowns in islamabad


Steps Involved in the fabrication of a dental crown.

We usually require two visits to make a dental crown, the first step is examination and preparation of the tooth and the second step is placement of the crown.


Examination And Preparation Of The Tooth.

At your first visit in preparation of a crown, our dentists visually and radiographically observe the teeth before proceeding. This is a very necessary step for us so that we may reach your expectations and furthermore to check if the tooth can be salvaged. For instance, if a tooth has excessive decay and there are chances of an infection, then you may need to get a root canal treatment done.

Before the fabrication of the crown, if needed, we will anesthetize/numb the particular area so that you don’t feel any pain or discomfort during the treatment. Next, we file the tooth’s occlusal surface and its surrounding area to make room for the crown. The amount that is supposed to be removed depends on the type of crown of your choosing. However, if there’s a huge cavity present, we will first fill that up and then proceed to crown cutting. This is also referred to as a build up. Before sending it to the dental lab, our dentists will match the shade of your teeth with our shade guide so that it matches your natural teeth. If needed, we will provide you with a temporary crown.

After we grind your teeth, we use putty or alginate to record a 3D impression of your jaw and teeth. This will be sent to the lab and on which the permanent crown will be made. Usually, at our office it takes four to five days for the crown to be made, however at some instances we speed up the process.

Second Visit. Placement of the crown. 

During the second visit, we will remove the temporary crown and check the fit and shade of the permanent crown. If everything is acceptable we will apply a permanent cement on the crown and then fit it on your tooth.

Care for the temporary crown

Just because we use temporary crowns as a temporary fix, you don’t need to take care of them because we are going to eventually take them off. However, we do recommend some precautions:

  • Avoid sticky foods. These include chewing gums, chocolates, caramel etc, they have a tendancy to dislodge the crown.
  • Don’t extensively use that side of the mouth where the temporary crowns are placed.
  • Avoid hard food such as raw vegetables. Raw vegetables can easily fracture the crown.
  • Flossing is recommended in temporary crowns aswell, however vigurous flossing is not recommended.


What problems can develop with a Dental Crown?

Discomfort/Sensitivity. You may feel some sort of sensitivity or discomfort after a crown is placed. Sensitivity is usually felt because the tooth is vital, however, if a root canal treatment has been done then we don’t expect you to have sensitivity. We do prescribe toothpastes and mouthwashes to reduce the sensitivity.
Furthermore, a little discomfort may be felt. This is due to the fact that sometimes we tend to cut the grown near the gingival region, this is to achieve a better esthetic appearence.
If you do feel a the crown to be a bit high, you may contact us and we can easily fix it.

Fractured Crown. All ceramic/porcelain crowns may fracture. However, if the chip/fracture is small we can repair it with composite. This is however a temporary fix, if we see alot of chipping of the crown then we tend to replace it.

Loose Crown. You may feel the crown loosening up after a few years or months, this is due to the because of the cement degredation. Somtimes if one feels the loosening of a crown it may be because of the crown being very high, excessive forces are generated which may loosen the crown. In such cases, bacteria may leak into the crown which may cause a carious lesion to start. If this happens, visit your nearest dentist.

Dislodged Crown. Sometimes dental crowns may fall off. Improper fit, lack of cement or a very small amount of tooth is left to support the crown usually causes dislodgement. If this is the case, we use posts and pins to rebuild your entire tooth so you may have a durable crown. If the crown is dislodged by the above mentioned reasons, Z Dental Studio can easily fit it back into it’s original postion.

Allergic Reactions

We see patients that may have an allergy to metal crowns. In such cases, we tend to go for all ceramic/porcelain crowns but this is extremely rare.

Moreover, a dark line may appear near your gum line. This is only the metal part of the Porcelain fused to metal crowns metal part showing on your gum line. While this may not cause any allergice reaction, the dark line is cosmetically unacceptable. In such instances, we replace the crown and may give our patient a porcelain crown.

Onlays and 3/4th crowns

Onlays and 3/4th crowns are basically a variation in the technique of fabrication of the dental crown. Dental crowns tend to cover the entire surface of teeth where as onlays cover the teeth to a lesser extent.

How long do dental crowns in islamabad Pakistan last

On average, dental crowns may last between five and fifteen years. This is highly dependant on the patient, if the crown is well taken care of it may last a life time with little or no problems. If the following habits are avoided the crown does last a bit longer:

  • Chewing nails
  • Bruxism
  • Using your teeth to open packages
  • Chewing Ice


Do dental crowns in islamabad Pakistan require special care?

A dental crown may not require special care. However, it’s worthy to note that just because a tooth is crowned doesn’t mean that the patient will be immune to gum diseases. Proper brushing is the key for healthy teeth. Therefore, good oral hygeine must be followed, flossing around the crown are some of the best practices that a patient can do. Rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash is also helpful.


How much do dental crowns in islamabad Pakistan cost?

We tend to offer an array of materials to our valuable patients, these materials will have different costs and will be chosen by the patient themselves. Our dentists will provide you and hand out samples for you to judge which has a better quality. Our motto is to give you the treatment that lasts a lifetime.

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