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Best Dental Clinic In islamabad

There's a reason why our dental clinic located in Islamabad is the highest-rated clinic in this city. Our patients love us, Z Dental Studio provides affordable dental treatments, with the newest technology available in the market and our patient-centered approach to dentistry is what sets us apart from other dentists. 

At Z Dental Studio, we know that your and our patient's dental health is of vital importance whether they are youngsters or even when they're approaching older age. We also recognize that a healthy oral cavity has a huge impact on how good you feel about yourself which is exactly why our clinicians, dental assistants, and our hygeinists goal is to provide you with treatments that will be beneficial to you in the long run.

Best Dental Technology under One Facility

We know that you might have heard that before but trust us we go above and beyond, from something simple as laser fillings to top-of-the-line digital X-rays, we've got our patients covered. 

Having the best equipment in our hands means that we ensure quality treatment, so we claim that our dental clinic in Islamabad is one of the best practices in the twin cities. 

  • Digital X-rays: We've come a long way from dental films from that, our clinic uses digital x-rays so that our patients are subjected to the lowest possible radiation and amazing quality of x-rays. Not only that, it enables us to share these X-rays with relevant specialists without compromising the quality of the X-rays. Above all, it also enables us to share the pictures with you, our patient.
  • Intra-oral camera: Have you ever wondered how the inside of your mouth looks like? Well at our clinic we've got intra-oral cameras to show what's going inside your oral cavity. This also helps our dentists to educate you and also helps them to reach an accurate diagnosis. 
  • Dental Lighting: Dental lighting is crucial for our dental practice, this helps our clinicians to choose the right shade for your crown, veneer and/ any other restoration that might be required. 
Best Dental Clinic In Islamabad
dental clinics in islamabad

Multi-speciality Islamabad Dental Office

Z dental studio offers a multi-range of dental services, from something as simple as dental cleaning to Invisalign to full mouth rehabilitation.

We believe that having a pediatric dentist, cosmetic dentistorthodontist and oral maxillofacial surgeon under one roof is of utmost importance to our patients. Also, you have peace of mind that you will be visiting a dental office in which all your and your family's needs are met.

We're just one phone call away.


At our dental clinic, we tend to take sterilization very seriously. We believe, proper sterilization benefits both you as the patient and us as your dental healthcare provider. We never ask our patients to blindly trust us and that's why we always encourage our patients to discuss the topic of infection control with our dentists before starting any treatment. 

Our entire team follows precautions and guidelines by several agencies including the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). 

Some of these measures are:

  • Anybody working at our clinic must be equipped with a pair of gloves and a mask. 
  • Disinfectant hand soap should be present at all times. 
  • Chemical disinfection of the entire practice should be followed after every patient. 
  • Sterilization of all equipment via an Autoclave before use. 
  • Disposable instruments should be present if there's a need. 

We tend to sterilize every instrument which is reusable, sometimes even two to three times using an autoclave (This device kills harmful bacteria and viruses by heat and pressure)

We also believe that proper education is the backbone of every patient's healthcare, therefore, you having adequate knowledge about sterilization will make you feel more comfortable with us.

sterilization at Z Dental Studio
Best Dental clinic in islamabad

Why patients think that we are the best dental clinic in Islamabad

With many years of experience under Dr. Ameerzeb's belt and to create a dental office that encompasses each and every aspect of dentistry, he has succeeded to find some of the very talented dental specialists in Islamabad.

The results that we've achieved for our patients over the years have been life-changing. Moreover, at our dental office, we believe that bedside manner is of utmost importance and this is what makes our dental treatments extraordinary for patients.

Even if it's a big surgical implant procedure, we tend to make it a pain-free experience for every patient. If you have come across some of our patients, you will always hear that they look forward to their next appointment and that's one rare thing to hear from patients.

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