Best Dental Clinic In Islamabad

Best Dental Clinic In Islamabad

Z Dental StudioBest Dental Clinic In Islamabad

What a patient usually wants from best dental clinic in islamabad are practicing doctors around the country who can cater their needs. Z Dental Studio tends to offer them whatever they require.


So what does come in a good dental practice?

Cleanliness, hygiene and adequate sterilization are the hallmarks of Z Dental Studio. Z Dental Studio has dentists from each and every department related to the field of dentistry. The benefits of that are infinite. Let’s say for a maxillo-facial surgeon, a patient would have to visit a hospital to get their teeth extracted or an implant placed where as at Z Dental Studio we have a surgeon that can visit whenever you have an appointment.

The dentists that this clinic has are the best that this city and country has to offer.

Most importantly, patients require a practice that has doctors who can make them feel welcomed. The dentists working over here work both with their mind and their heart. From getting the whole dental team to get along and work together efficiently on a patient is what we’ve been doing for almost a decade now.

Z Dental Studio prides itself on owning one of the most advanced dental practices in the Pakistan. Our friendly, relaxed approach to Dentistry makes a visit to Z Dental Studio stress and pain free.

Dental Materials And Equipement

The materials used at Z Dental Studio are imported from the best known brands out there. The procedures that are carried out at Z Dental Studio are unique according to the patients need, which gives this clinic a patient centered approach.

Moreover, Z Dental Studio uses modern radiology. X-ray cameras that are used at Z Dental Studio have minimum radiation which is beneficial to our patients in countless ways. Our X-rays use 80% less radiation as compared to regular X-Ray Machines.

These are one of the many reasons why patients refer to us the best dentist in islamabad.


Non sterilized instruments cannot only harm the patient but can also harm the dentist. Z Dental Studio uses state of the art autoclave with a self sealing pouch. Self sealing pouches used at Z Dental Studio have an indicator that tells us whether our instruments are sterilized or not, this ensures a 100% sterilization.

Furthermore, both our dentist and our dental assistant check these sterilized instruments are completely sterilized.

Name: Z Dental Studio
Address: First Floor, Mount View Plaza, School Road, Super Market, F-6 Markaz Islamabad, 44000
Contact Number: 0345 5336999
Email Address: [email protected]
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